Mid-Century Mod-Cacti Design for a Roundabout

Public art opportunities are always changing so my art practice changes too! Public installations for art rental programs are halted for the time being with local government working on our health and safety. So, I’ve been spending more time on designing works for roundabouts and other exterior public art applications. If you know of an opportunity please let me know. I can’t wait to show you two sculptures I have in the works that will have solar LED lights in them, much like the sculpture described here.

This is a presentation that I would like to share with you today. I’m still waiting to hear if I was selected for this RTD roundabout in Commerce City.

This was only my second vertical meeting to showcase a concept. The first one I did was about a year ago for a series of benches in Texas. So, learning from that vertical presentation and working to make sure my virtual communication was strong for this concept I worked on a video and on supporting materials that I could email to the committee.

Video animation created for a public art call for Roundabout in Commerce City, Colorado during the coronavirus pandemic.
Four views of the Mid-Century Mod-Cacti.
A sheet of key frames from the video is a good tool to have when the meeting is over Zoom or any other virtual platform.

This sculpture is based on both a memory of visits to Commerce City as a child, and the influx of families during the building swell of the 1950’s & 60’s in Commerce City. 

I developed a great affinity for the modern movement as a child playing in my Great-Aunt’s yard and enjoying her plantings of flowers and cacti. As all things nostalgic, the shapes, colors and aesthetic return, are renewed and embraced by a new generation in this next influx of families coming to Commerce City to live, work and play. 

Some of the wayfinding properties of The Mid-Century Mod-Cacti as it rises up– the bright colors become a visual beacon for all arriving at the Commerce City terminal. Two different color pallets help denote which way you are arriving from. From the South you will see the bright greens and accent colors of orange and bright pink as well as silver cacti spines glinting in the sun. From the North blues and magenta ring true to the new take on all things Mid-Mod. 

Dichroic glass inserts keep the sculpture from becoming a climbing wall and add glimmers of color to the landscape. At night, firefly-twinkling LED solar lights on the blossoms add a fun and whimsical welcome.

The strength of the design is in the accordion-fold of metal and the reinforced base that is supported by the concrete plinth peeking up from the ground, enabling snow and rain to drain away from the sculpture. Automotive paint ensures longevity in this fun take on a favorite plant.

This iconic sculptural tribute to Cacti is enduring and steadfast, with a popular Mid-Mod flare.

2 thoughts on “Mid-Century Mod-Cacti Design for a Roundabout

    1. Thanks Suzanne hope your art practice is ongoing. Loved , loved your exhibit at D’art so glad that you were able to share even though it was cut short by pandemic.

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