Artist Statement

DreamScapes, a body of work based on dreams. I’m currently working with Dreams, the meanings, the layers, the images that occupy the dreamstate, the fragments that we remember and symbols that are evocative of the message of the dream. I use old woodcuts and linocuts as well as drawn images to evoke the mystery of the dreams. These images are copied on mylar and suspended within wax and pigments. On some of the squares images flow from one square to the next but each square holds at least one key image. Seemingly unrelated images are melded together by the consistency of black and white lines, archetypal images and brush filled color strokes that flow from one image and one square to the next. I work with black and white images, photographs that have been manipulated, bees wax, oil paint, oil pastel and any other bits and pieces that I can find to express the dream like quality.

Walk The Lama Lama II


My Beautiful Bees


Paris Love Dreams

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