Chromatic Heat Changing Canvases


Dream Transformation a new direction

When exploring the dreamstate I have always wanted to portray the fleeting nature of dreams, and how they change. I have been working with the statement: ‘To make the invisible, visible’.

Recently with the input from my scientist cousin, Gerald N. Hays, PhD, physicist I have found a film that reacts to heat by changing color. Using the unique properties of liquid-crystal-based film that responds to ambient temperature changes in a way that provides a multi-hued visual effect under ordinary lighting conditions, I created a visually stunning and controllable effect. The heat source for the film is hidden behind the metal canvas and the viewer is treated to a changing canvas thus ‘the invisible is made visible by color’. The dreamers portrayed in the picture are surrounded by a rainbow of dream images that come to life/color when heated – then fade away as the heat is turned off. Each image has it’s own unique look within the heat sequence and each image has it’s own zenith when it is at it’s best. Each time you look at the canvas you see something different not unlike our own unique view of the world.

The fluid nature of this work is hard to express in words. The canvas when cool is almost in a ‘blank canvas stage’, little color, until the heat starts cycling on and off and the color becomes vibrant and the objects come to life. I remember as a child seeing color TV for the first time. This canvas is a return to that wonder and excitement that I experienced and never thought to see again.

The images are suspended within wax and pigments with the film sandwiched behind the mylar image. These black drawings are placed over the black film. You can not see the detail since it is black on black. The object is revealed only when the heat is applied. Making the invisible, visible with vibrant color and form.

For more details please download this powerpoint show:

4 thoughts on “Chromatic Heat Changing Canvases

    1. Hi Noah, I’ve talked and exhibited this body of work but no longer work towards this medium. I have 4 remaining works that are still for sale.

      1. Hi Annette
        Do you still have any Chromatic Heat Changing Canvases for sale?

        I am very interested…

        John Catton

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