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Public Art Philosophy

“Public art should inspire and bring different sensibilities together. Even a graphic depiction should have underpinnings in a strong concept. The idea can be abstracted to the point that it is more design than actual representation. But, still the essential message comes through the shapes, the color and a dance of light.” –Annette Coleman on public art





2 thoughts on “Public Art Projects

  1. Hi, your work is absolutely beautiful! We are raising money to build an inclusive playground at Stanley Marketplace and we are close to reaching our goal. I would love to incorporate some tile elements to add color and sensory visuals to the playground for all the kids. Would you be interested in hearing more about the project? I would love to connect about options. Thank you!

    1. Hi Jeliet, I just saw your message about the playground at Stanley. If you are still developing the project please give me a call 303-941-8887. All the best, Annette

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