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Public Art Philosophy

“Public art should inspire and bring different sensibilities together. Even a graphic depiction should have underpinnings in a strong concept. The idea can be abstracted to the point that it is more design than actual representation. But, still the essential message comes through the shapes, the color and a dance of light.” –Annette Coleman on public art

Lakewood Mosaic Bench Commission for Ute Community Garden

0. Tiles are placed and are marked on the back for color

Tiles are placed and are marked on the back for color

1. Tiles are glazed and are placed in the kiln for firing

Tiles are glazed and are placed in the kiln for firing.

2. Fired tiles are placed to make up the overall design

Fired tiles are placed to make up the overall design


Detail of tiles in the process of working out the final design.


Annette Coleman grouting Ute Garden Bench in Lakewood CO.

Habitat for Artists

Creation and installation of the mosaic ‘Jacques Cousteau Meets Dr. Sueus ‘ behind Lucky’s Market & Logan’s Expresso Cafe.


Finished Mosaic 2014


Little helper busy with tile placement.


Mosaic ready for grouting.


Before installing Annette checks and marks the center of the wall.

Rick installs shapes according to the sketch.


Communication from: Art@1175

On behalf of ART@1175, I would like to congratulate you on being short-listed for our mural project. Our panel of judges really enjoyed your submission and think that your work has great potential for being placed on the exterior of 1175 Lee Hill.

“Here is the rendering that garnered my inclusion in the second round of jurying. While I was not selected to complete the work I’m very proud of my submission and feel that the look would have been an excellent choice for the architecture of the building.”  –Thanks for the opportunity to submit, Annette


1175 Building Original Concept by Annette Coleman

Annette Coleman, Artist Statement for Art@1175
Fine Art Commissions & Graphic Installations

As a fine artist, interior designer, advertising and marketing pro and film lover, Annette brings a unique perspective to public art of all types. For the past 35+ years, her imagination and natural sense of design have helped her create award-winning ideas and effective artful solutions for a variety of clients. Each installation is designed and built for the location.

She’s equally at home designing print materials, producing a video, or thinking in three dimensions to develop dynamic displays and murals. Annette has been creative director and owner of Creative Communications, overseeing all aspects of market strategy, creative development, art direction and design for over 20+ years. After attending Colorado State University and the Colorado Institute of Art, she embarked on a fine art & design career, which has included positions at the Denver Center for Performing Arts, the Colorado Historical Society, and a number of Colorado’s leading advertising agencies.

1175 Building Original with another color option

1175 Building Original with another color option

Extensive Experience In Visual Arts

  • Denver Center for the Performing Arts, publications, advertising posters, marquee and sales promotions
  • Colorado Historical Society, historical 3/D displays, signage, newsletters, monographs and advertising
  • Elitch Gardens Amusement Park, print advertising, TV ads, motifs and point of purchase signage
  • Lutheran Medical Center, corporate and community report, advertising and event promotions
  • Boulder Health Department, public heath and awareness campaigns including posters and Spanish versions
  • Woman’s Caucus for Art, show standards, call for entries, curatorial direction and exhibits
    Core New Art Space, member for over 15 years & HunterDouglas, advertising, point-of-purchase & displays
  • NoBo Art District, Creative Direction, Public Relations, Programs & Vision
1175 Building Line Dance 1

1175 Building Line Dance 1

Skill Sets

  • Design, signage, murals, multi-media projects
  • Managing and working within set budgets
  • Testing new materials for installation
  • Project management for all projects, on time, on budget and exceeding client expectations

Annette has always worked hard for her community serving for many years in leadership positions of not for profit art groups such as: The Colorado Women’s Caucus for Art and Core New Art Space, a Denver Artists’ Coop and a founding member of the NoBo Art District has helped build and shape Annette’s fine art career.

1175 Building Line Dance 2

1175 Building Line Dance 2

Theatre and large-scale backdrops have always been a part of Annette’s contribution to her community from the stage of Colorado Women’s College to her daughter’s school productions. Her talents of suggestion, line and form have been playing a supporting role in Colorado Theatre for her entire career. Her last collaboration was a video animation backdrop for Helander Dance, Boulder, for numerous dance sketches.

1175 Building Bridges 1

1175 Building Bridges 1

1175 Building Bridges 2

1175 Building Bridges 2


Castle Rock Utilities Building Finalist Presentation

Art In Public Spaces Statement for Castle Rock’s Proposal Process

Plexiglass panels with paint & silver foil, mounted out from the wall to refract light & cast color on the walls.

“Public Art is meant to challenge and engage the public by it’s thought provoking nature. This does not mean that is has to be offensive, shocking or even worse mundane.”
–Annette Coleman on Public Art

Finalist for Art at Salud Health Center, Longmont, Colorado

Mural Description

Many different size squares are assembled to form the mural. These squares are made up of various depths of wood and (9) Plexiglas boxes. The squares are either paintings and drawings of various animals with big toothy grins. Or they have photographs of grinning kids that have been hand tinted to complement the paintings. Plexiglas boxes hold interesting found objects such as a skull of small animal positioned so we can see the teeth. Other objects would relate to teeth as well, perhaps a plaster cast of someone’s mouth. Fun facts are interspersed throughout the mural. All of the facts relate to teeth in some fashion ie: Sharks lose X amount of teeth a year. The rich detail will enable the viewer to see different things each time they visit.

Working Methods

Working with committees and diverse groups of people the artist needs to maintain their vision without being inflexible to the committee’s input. This is a hard balance to maintain but, I feel with over 20 years as part of a Coop Artist Community “Core New Art Space”, “The Woman’s Caucus for Art”, a national group of woman promoting equal opportunities for all members of our society and working in Commercial Art for over 30 years that I have been seasoned for this specific challenge.

I look forward to using the methods and materials that I’m familiar with as a graphic and signage designer. Some of the materials that I have used before are; birch panels, transfer xerography, found objects, paint, bees wax, varathane and oil sticks. With the above materials I can combine them to express a wide range of visuals. As the artist I want the artwork to be easy to maintain so that the artistic vision is not compromised for the duration of the installation. By using durable birch wood sub straight and sealing the art with varathane the work becomes almost indestructible with normal office wear and tear. I propose that the mural be removable so that when walls are resurfaced or space is remodeled that the work can move to a new location.

I have been showing my fine art in Colorado for over 25 years and have extensive experience in research and drawing skills to take any idea forward. I can’t wait to dig into this project.

I love the challenge and scope of the proposed mural and look forward to presenting final sketches and scale drawings knowing that they would never be ‘final’ until the committee and public at large have their input, and the plans revised with their feedback respectively considered.

Fun Factor

Even though a kids installation is part of your mix of art being planed for the space I would like to include a fun factor by taking pictures of kids, their smiles and smirks to include in the overall artwork. (See sketch).

Involvement of staff and community

I did not detail everything in the sketch. Part of my process is to involve those that will be seeing the art everyday and community members that wish to be a part of the process. Kids especially need to have a say in what animals they would like to see. As an artist I enjoy working with people to feature what they are interested in rather than dictate my view.

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2 thoughts on “Public Art

  1. Hi, your work is absolutely beautiful! We are raising money to build an inclusive playground at Stanley Marketplace and we are close to reaching our goal. I would love to incorporate some tile elements to add color and sensory visuals to the playground for all the kids. Would you be interested in hearing more about the project? I would love to connect about options. Thank you!

    1. Hi Jeliet, I just saw your message about the playground at Stanley. If you are still developing the project please give me a call 303-941-8887. All the best, Annette

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