Lakewood Bollard project is in the works for Lasley Park

This is the second set of three bollards that I’m creating for the Lasley Park in Lakewood. The park has been redone by the parks department and is located next to Lasley Elementary school. The 5th and 6th grade classes have come up with favorite books to use for inspiration. Old concrete has been recycled for stepping stones with favorite quotes from those books sandblasted into the surface of the stepping stones.

I have taken the favorite books chosen by the students further to enhance the bollards that I’m working on. Favorite characters from those books will be featured. Of course I have also added a few of my own family favorites to the mix.

For this project rather than use mosaics like I did in the last bollard project (see earlier post) I have decided to use hand-made clay tiles. Here are some photos from this project currently in the works.

This is Bollard #1, a section of the sketch with ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Charlotte’s Web’.
This is the same section as the sketch above but in clay. I’m waiting to let it set up (dry a bit more) so I can cut the bookshelf image into individual tiles.
This is another section of bollard #1 that has been fired with glazes.

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