Testing the waters with smaller sculptures

I often test my methods and concepts in a smaller form for Colorado’s sculpture rental programs in which we as sculptors are rich in number, thanks Colorado!

Yesterday I installed ‘George Jetson Traveled to Aurora Borealis’ in the new courtyard of the Evergreen Center for Arts. This sculpture has been in two other Colorado programs but looks so inspiring here. Much of my art practice involves writing the story or concept behind the work. Here is a short statement for George Jetson:

George Jetson Travels to the Aurora Borealis and the family ship refract, reflects, and is dazzled by the interplay of light. My stained glass sculptures are designed for Colorado celestial views and the weather. Snow slides off and rain cleans off the stardust.

George Jetson lands in Evergreen, Colorado at the Evergreen Center for the Arts.
Detail of George Jetson in Evergreen Colorado.

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