It’s a Numbers Game

In the Public Art World you need to enter many calls, 100’s each year in fact to get selected for a semi-finalist presentation. So here I’m sharing one I did not get. I’m confident that this concept will be chosen in some form in a different community. But I did make it smaller for a sculptural rental program in Longmont. The idea is based on a Hug. My dad was known for his great hugs so this is in honor of him. I was able to take a photo of mom hugging the sculpture, the closest to my father mom can get since his passing.

Here I am beside ‘The Hug’ showing what an average height person looks like next to the 12 foot sculpture.
Betty Coleman with the Hug in Longmont.

2 thoughts on “It’s a Numbers Game

  1. Annette, this is a very meaningful along with being a great designed sculpture. I hope your description can be attached to it. Nice job!

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