Garden Art Pot Silent Auction

Bloomin’ Arts is a non-profit formed to integrate the art of urban gardening throughout Boulder County.

Our first year, our goal was to place artistically rendered planters with seasonal gardens around Boulder, CO. Our debut featured “the gardener as artist.” Ultimately, we are planning to expand our event to a larger footprint as enthusiasm spreads. This annual event will showcase the collective talents of local artists, garden designers, as well as garden enthusiasts. We advocate for the access & enjoyment of the visual arts for all, ages 1 to 100!

One of my pots can be seen at the Bodecker Theatre entrance at the Dairy Center for the Arts.

Bid on the Inside/Outside pot


The second pot can be seen in NoBo at 4550 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304

 Bid on the Strata Pot



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