Rock Candy Bragging Rights

Rock Candy is at: 1301 South Havana Street, Aurora, Colorado 80012

Very honored to be chosen as the first place award winner with David Farquharson and his sculpture. We tied for first place in the ART2C 2020-2022 on Havana in Aurora.

This sculpture is based on a childhood memory of going to a candy store with my Grandmother in Denver. Penny candy was then 2 or 3 pieces for a penny and you could literally get sick on 25 cents of penny candy. The Rock Candy in the glass candy case was beautiful and alluring but would take up most of my 25 cents. I did elect to purchase the Rock Candy and saved it for a longtime before I ate it because of the beauty of the crystals. I have to say I was disappointed in the candy’s taste (just sugar after all) and never purchased it again. But, this memory stayed with me and thus Rock Candy supersized was born. Now, I can take the prize money and really get sick on chocolate truffles instead!

Public art descriptions help the selection committee understand the sculpture here’s what I said about Rock Candy: Solar LED lights bring nightly delight to the sparkle of this stained glass mosaic sculpture. Depth is created by layers of shapes with an overlay of cement for strength. Add stained glass contrasting with the patina on the base for a wonderful juxtaposition, all designed for Colorado’s weather.