Recent Interview in Studio Tour Magazine

Please visit this online publication for the whole interview. In addition I would like to share this image and poem below.

Studio Tour Magazine, Annette Coleman Expressing the Fleeting Nature of Dreams


I created this collage in response to the poem below by Margaret Chancellor during last years Boulder Arts Week.“Checks and Balances”In Memory of Trinda.

Checks and Balances In Memory of Trinda


She was aware of many exits

As life’s highway unfurled like a

bright shiny ribbon in front of her

But she stayed on the road

Carefully balancing her karmic accounts

Cleverly calibrating acoustics in

sky high illuminated

2nd story home jungle

pushing back pain like a buried land mine

not thinking about how it would

remain live down there

and one day just might be triggered


no words could possibly suffice anymore

only silence


7/12/14 by Margaret Chancellor


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