Mid-Century Mod-Cacti Installation

A wonderful addition to this Commerce City roundabout is this mid-century mod-cacti a delightful welcome to Commerce City’s RTD terminus. Bright paint colors, jaunty blossoms and cacti finials add a playful note. Both sides have a different color pallet to help with way-finding.

The lighting and dichroic glass were dropped from the project by RTD. I will be looking for an opportunity to add these features to a future sculpture. Nevertheless, I still feel the sculpture is a success!

This is your view of the sculpture as you approach the Commerce City RTD stop from the North.

RTD feature link:

https://www.rtd-denver.com/news-stop/news/n-line-artwork-commerce-city72nd-station-balances-concept-of-resilience-whimsical?fbclid=IwAR388yjXD3ch9XdB51wH2R NAPtU8a25YhYCqHNDq_eh1yhLiYzaLcQwCS2U

3 thoughts on “Mid-Century Mod-Cacti Installation

  1. Very nice! I like the view with sculpture and various tanks in background.
    It shows how you incorporate the sculpture to work well with the stark and industrial landscape. Commerce City is now much more pleasant and interesting to look at with your sculpture there! Kudos!

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