Materials For Art Commission


You can see in the background the ‘Lilly To Lilly’ painting that was shown to Craig Hospital for the style of my work. Also shown is the paper template for the swash and the unpainted film positive that is just laying over the layer of paper and paint.



In the color sketch above you see the vision before the paint is applied. It is always exciting when the enlarged materials arrive to work with. I will be using a printout of the swish that connects the people to some of the more graphic anatomical drawings. The paper template will give me the correct size to use for cutting additional paper or using spray paint for the swish, not sure what will be chosen, this is the unknown process. The film positive will go through layers of painting, drawing and scratching before applying to the surface of the painting. As this process takes place there is constant flipping back and forth to see what is hidden with additional layers of paint or what is made more central in the composition.


CraigHospitalInstallation2 Final painting ready for installation.

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