fooLPRoof contemporary art gallery opens

Magus/Alba is a digital collage 18″ square on a birch panel. There are a dozen images in this series with 10 showing in the space.

Make sure to check out this new gallery in RINO.

fooLPRoof contemporary art gallery opens in RINO with a maiden exhibition featuring top local and regional artists – the new contemporary gallery is a vision of sculptor and emerging contemporary curator Laura Phelps Rogers blending commercial and collaborative gallery approaches to showcase premier pieces from top and emerging national artists. Through high visibility exhibition opportunities, the gallery will present new avenues for combined work/exhibition experiences for talented regional and visiting artists.

Exhibition artists:
Sculpture: Charles Parson, Tobias Flores, David Lobdell, Robert Green, Laura Phelps Rogers and Isaac Sandoval –

Painting: Jennifer Hope, Rebecca Cuming, Louis Recchia, Kayo Peeler, Leslie Aguillard, Robert Platz and Kimm Schlosser –

Mixed Media: Zoe Ace, Eric Anderson, Annette Coleman, Phil Bender and Walter Barton (in collaboration with Laura) –

Ceramics: Gayla Lemke – Pop-up installation: Jean Smith, Jewelry: Julie Lizak and Kim Henkel, Printmaking: Sue Crosby Doyle -Drawing: Caroline Peters and Nichole Hongchang –

Photography: Laura Phelps Rogers, Ron Landucci, Lawrence Hass, Vy Pham and Jill Renee Grant –

Performance: Julie Lizak -, Fashion: Mona Lucero


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