Art On The Corner, Grand Junction 2019, Best Of Show

Migration/Transformation Sculpture

Annette Coleman was awarded the Dave Davies Best of Show Award for the 2019 Art On the Corner, Grand Junction Colorado.

Migration, environment and nature are all aspects of this sculpture. The monarch butterfly moves from Mexico northward to pollinate crops and wild flowers and brings with it beautiful colors that dance throughout our landscape. The shapes of the wings are fleeting as the wind catches hold. This sculpture is interesting from all angles. The metal base has a rust patina that contracts with the stained glass mosaic. The colors of red, yellow, white, black and blue are reminiscent of a mid-century contemporary paintings.

A chance meeting several weeks after installation with juror Don Mayers while Don was giving a sculpture tour to interested members of the public. Annette was there to take additional photos to further document the work. I love the sign on the theatre in the background, how random was this meeting!
Artist talk at a Art On The Corner Sculpture tour hosted by juror Don Mayers.

Here what the Grand Junction Sentinel had to say:

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