Markmaking A New Exploration


Dress Kissing the Cantina Floor, polydiptych, four panels. A collaboration with a Boulder poet, Marj Hahne. I took a few lines that spoke to me and created this piece in response. Enjoy the full poem here:

Markmaking A new exploration working with scribing and digging into surface layers. This is something that I have always worked in but this is a concentration where the marks are paramount.

I use layers of paint and encaustic medium to express time. Building up rich layers of surfaces, gouging out hash marks, reminders of time and refilling with other color and medium as the wind refills our footprints. These marks are a record of days, weeks and events. Noted in code known only to the me, as artist, the marks speak volumes similar to the hashes found in antiquity. Crop counts, moons recorded, wars fought or births recorded a language that translates into modern time by elemental marks of a tool. I work with recycled paint on recycled substrate, what is at hand as past recorders of events have inscribed their language, their marks in clay, cave walls and body tattoos.

The work ‘Dress Kissing the Cantina Floor’ is in response to Marj Hahne’s poem ‘Exodus’.


The day she finally lay down with him knew him
biblically knew he was no god
she’d worshipped since before and after
the thousand-year flood that had sunk Boulder
afloat in its two-by-two–faced bubble
was the day she scored an end-
of-the-season deal on burnt-
orange cork-wedge sandals she knew
would look great with jeans or the right-
colored sundress she would’ve worn just for
him next summer had he trusted the fall
air to float You look beautiful to her hungry
ears before and/or after his beef fajitas came
to their out-of-the-way cantina table a sizzling
funnel of steam cast-iron skillet teeming with skirt
steak green peppers and onions that hung
on his breath the whole night he didn’t kiss her
not knowing she could hold her nose inside-
out having done so mornings during eighth grade
to block the pot breath of the girl the next
locker over and though
throwing his linebacker
arm around her shoulders he blurted You’re amazing
he meant not her face not the hazel eyes and ivory
girl smile opening her face not the sun-at-twilight
hair warming her face not the slinky plum
dress kissing the cantina floor the street the ground
before she tossed it to the end of the bed but her mind
the way he could count on it to send just the right
river of words to her mouth even when she wanted
to damn him to the hell of his own grieved
righteousness and save her flaming
lips and toes for someone else.


6 thoughts on “Markmaking A New Exploration

    1. Hi Annette, i believe I found you. that is, I believe it was your work that I saw at the Gallery a the Dairy, oh years ago. 5-6 years ago? I have been thinking about your work because I am wanting to take some collage+ classes and you came to mind. I particularly remembered your use of old photos and writing in your work! I am so happy to have found you! I don’t see a list of your collage classes/dates/time. do you ever teach in Denver? Please let me know! thank you, Wendy

      1. Hi Wendy-

        I will add you to my collage class updates. I’m teaching a collage class at the Dairy in Boulder on the 13th of Feb.
        All the best, Annette

  1. Hi Annette, First let me join all the others who love your work. You have a wonderful eye for color. I found a print that’s signed “Annette Coleman Rivedal”. Would that be yours? It looks like your style but I’d like to find out for sure. Thanks for time,
    Alicia Larson

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