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“Jacque Cousteau meets Dr. Seuss” would not be possible without support from: The Martha Kate Thomas Fund for Artists, A fund of the Community Foundation Serving Boulder County The Martha Kate Thomas Fund for Artists was established in 2013 through a bequest gift to the Community Foundation Serving Boulder County. Grants from this fund are awarded to artists who live or work in Boulder County and who have unforeseen needs due to special circumstances. Boulder County Arts Alliance is proud to administer this fund. Most people remember where they were on September 11, 2001. Well Martha Kate Thomas was in Santa Fe, NM. “The following day Martha Kate was walking the Plaza and saw a lot of the sidewalk artists talking and looking fearful. They shared with her how worried they were about their livelihoods if people stopped vacationing or collecting art,” Kate bought several small pieces she hadn’t intended to, merely to somehow reassure the artists that all was not yet lost. Martha Kate didn’t just buy art, she invested her time by discovering the history of the work and getting to know the artist. Martha Kate’s passion for life and the arts was contagious, and those who knew her could not help but feel inspired. The Martha Kate Thomas Fund for Artists, was created when she passed away in 2012 and her spirit of giving and love of life will continue by providing artists with the resources they need to create and excite others with their work, thank you Martha Kate. A big thank you to Jeff Gaines, Fire And Earth Ceramics for donating tiles from his life’s work here in North Boulder Thank you to: Habitat For Artists A LaunchPad project of the NoBo Art District for providing a location for the artmaking, conversation with community members which is the spirit of the Habitat For Artists project. Lucky’s Market, for their continued partnership with the NoBo Art District on this and other projects, you will soon find NoBo artists showing in all three of their locations here in Boulder, the café, bakery & market. Parrish Construction for the generous donation of the wood to mount the tile on & Fig for his time, talents and support during the creation of the wood shapes for the mosaic tiles, public engagement and installation. I dedicate this work of art to all community members that suffered from the flood in 2013. May we all heal stronger together.



1900 Wazee Exchange Building, Denver ColoradoThis work was commissioned for the Exchange Building in Denver for their lobby. The building had a rich history as a vanilla extract company, a distribution center for Safeway, among other uses over the years. A shelf was built to place one of the vanilla bottles, a star brace from the brick work was bolted on and a wood burning tool was use to incise the wood with a drawing that was embellished with oil paint all surrounded with photos from the 100+ year history of the building.


Wedding Celebration Commission









Special life events can be commemorated with the exciting combination of your images (photos/invitations/music) combined with many different textures and mediums. Here is an example of a wedding gift that used photography of the couple, one of the songs sung at the wedding, poem and the date of the wedding all in their colors.

These series of works were commissioned for the children’s hospital in Denver. They are of playful fish and their aquarium’s don’t need cleaning.


Fish Bowl Two


Children’s Hospital Denver, Colorado



Fish Bowl Three










Alexander Graham Bell


Thomas Edison


For a copyright and trademark attorney’s office famous inventors and their signature works were featured.

If you can dream it up I can design and create a signature work of art for your enjoyment.

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