Craig Hospital Commission Progress

Color Wash

Taking a photo of the color wash with my phone captures my shadow too.


Papers are cut in 6 inch squares to form the structure behind the painting.

In the last post I showed the black and white sketch of the Craig Hospital painting/collage. The recycled door was first primed and an loose abstract wash of yellows, ochre and green before squares of paper were cut to form the grid upon which the drawing will be placed. In the color sketch was done in photoshop so no drawings were harmed in the process. Scribbles approximate the overlay of screens of pattern which will be sprayed on with spray paint using stencils.


A selection of paper for the background of squares that will make up the matrix behind the drawings.


The black and white sketch takes on new life with the color applied behind the images. This is a rough approximation of how the paint will be applied behind the film positive. This is a step that is helpful in picturing the final painting/collage.

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